why suspense?

I never intended to write suspense. In fact, I avoided it for years. Many years. Alas, many of my stories have suspenseful threads. And so it seems, I write suspense. (Romantic suspense, to be completely accurate.)

This caused me to look deep as I wondered why suspense creeps into my stories. Aside from my *very* overactive imagination (that goes back to my childhood), I’ve concluded it’s because we all need to be rescued.

Sin is a death knell we cannot escape, but for the One who died for us.

In writing, I try to create a strong heroine, but show that ultimately, she cannot save herself. She cannot fight the battle alone. Not that she understands it, likes it, trusts it, or accepts it at first – but aren’t we all like that? We rarely want help even when we need it. In reality, we need a God bigger than who we are to save us — from ourselves, and from the world around us.

So, while my stories depict a human hero, I hope they also convey the true hero — a loving God who never leaves us stranded in the storm. I’m able to see joy with this perspective, and I hope you can, too.

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