about c. joy

Hi there. I’m c. joy allen.

You can call me c. joy. I hear it like “see joy” in my head, but some people call me Joy, and that’s okay (as long as I realize they’re talking to me). The nickname settled into my heart when my mom used my first initial and middle name to make it fit the contact list in her flip-phone. I loved it. So I kept it. Why is it all lowercase, you ask? Well, it’s a reminder to myself that (contrary to the title here), it’s not all about me. More than that, I hope we all can see joy in the journey of life.

I’m a writer. That means I put down a lot of words, make a lot of edits, then make a lot more edits. Let’s just say that Work In Progress applies to so much more than the stories I write—it applies to me as well, in a thousand different ways. In my personal life, spiritual life, and writing life. I’m going to keep pushing, keep growing, and keep seeking what God’s plans are for me. Aside from that, I’ll take it one day at a time, or at least I’ll try to. Above all, the Lord Jesus is integral in all that I do and all that I am. Without Him, I am nothing. This is proven over and over…

With twenty-something years of marriage, four kids plus a daughter-in-law, well over a decade homeschooling, and a family full of varying allergies, life is nonstop! The needs of our busy household constantly change. But above all else, I want the hearts of my children to be cultivated first, their minds second.

c. joy

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