why romance?

Many years ago, I was outraged that the movie Far and Away didn’t end as tragically as I thought it might. In the brief moments when I was sure death would part Joseph and Shannon, the story felt real. And then — he lived. These days, I’m glad Joseph lives. But all those years ago, I asked my dad why so many stories had to have happy endings.

Dad told me we are designed with a longing for happily ever after deep inside because we are living out a divine romance. Eternity is placed in our hearts, and eternity is our happily ever after. I’ve learned that while we wait for such a time, life is often a mess. We need huge doses of grace, forgiveness, love, kindness, and so much more. It’s a journey that takes our whole life.

Now, I love happy endings, so I write fiction to see joy in the journey.

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